CryLaS Crystal Laser Systems GmbH

CryLaS GmbH designs and manufactures diode-pumped solid-state lasers in UV, VIS and IR for scientific and OEM-use with applications in biotechnology, analytics, imaging, sensor systems and micromachining. CryLaS products combine long term stability, low noise, small size and excellent workmanship. CryLaS is a recognized OEM supplier for UV and Deep UV Microchip lasers for 24/7 application.

CryLaS Crystal Laser Systems

CryLaS expands its production facilities in Berlin to meet the increasing demand for its popular single-frequency CW-UV-laser and passively q-switched solid state lasers.

The expansion will be completed by end of this year,” said Dr. Helmut Spanner, CEO of CryLaS GmbH.


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+++ February 2013: CryLaS launches 213 nm DPSS +++     +++ September 2012: CryLaS releases a new UV CW laser with output power of 200 mW FQCW266-200 +++     +++ October 2012: CryLaS releases further Q lasers with higher power +++